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Located in China's largest aluminum cluster - foshan south China sea,High partition aluminum manufacturersPartition wall manufacturer
Adhering to the "honesty, innovation as the soul" business philosophy, to join us!
  • 1. The production research and development advantage

    Together industry's talents, advanced research and development team,

  • 2. Pay attention to brand development, brand influence

    We are very pay attention to brand planning publicity, in many within the industry

  • 3. Systematic large-scale production base, fast delivery cycle

    Ensure the large raw material warehouse, raw material reserves, and guaranteed quality

  • 4. Training support, and merger and encouraging policies

    Systematic training, to guide dealers to guide professional skills in order to improve competitiveness

  • 5. Perfect after-sales service system, high quality, good service

    Follow the customer supreme service idea;
    Professional customer service team, provide thoughtful after-sales service
    Order to provide perfect service system of supply and operation process
    Question 24 hours to respond

  • 6. The brand image

    Company gives the brand right of use, greatly improve the image of the store advertising and appeal. 。


Joining conditions:

1. The legal qualification of legal person or natural person

2In the local has a good business reputation and business credibility, and abide by the laws and regulations of the relevant company, company's corporate culture and business philosophy

3. Understand the household building materials industry, have strong management ability, marketing ability,

4. With major building materials market in the city more than 100 square or stores

5. Willing to accept various standard systematic training of the company

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